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  Key Characteristics of Learning Design:

  • Quality over Quantity: In-depth discussions with peers and get inspired by all kinds of ambitious people is more important than knowing, reading, or listening to lots of theories. Course participants should plan to do that in their own time. During the course contact hours, the emphasis is on quality discussions with peers facilitated by an experienced trainer. The course teaches an expert-level mindset. During the DASA DevOps Leader journey, participants will fill their backpacks by developing a necessary thinking mindset that will enable them to become critical thinkers.
  • Growing Leaders, not Certified Professionals: DASA acknowledges hard work and commitment to the DevOps Leader course and being an active part of the community. However, they also dislike too much focus on certifications as the primary goal. The (intrinsic) drive to keep learning and developing themselves, inspire others, share knowledge, and connect with peers is far more rewarding and essential. The DASA DevOps Leader course focuses extensively on boosting personal leadership and targets different types of professionals. It is not developed solely for people with an official mandate to manage or lead.
  • Learning by Doing: Contemporary wisdom on learning and development states that people learn most from applying the knowledge (or learning by doing). The DASA DevOps Leader course focuses primarily on “How To” instead of the more common ‘why/what/when/who’ approach still often lectured in classrooms. Becoming successful in leading DevOps transformations requires you first to learn How to Lead. The next step is to create other leaders and positive momentum and culture in the organization that aligns with the transformation goals. The course includes state of the art and state of practice examples, key concepts, principles, and practices to inspire, provoke, and challenge you to form an opinion and translate it into actionable strategies and activities. The trainer or instructor is an authority on these subjects and a facilitator of this learning process.
  • Continuous Learning: Learning is a lifelong process. You can never be done with learning, especially as a leader. Therefore, you will also get a subscription to the DASA community platform that offers a continuous learning experience. DASA was born as a community-driven institute. It is a body of knowledge that is growing that inspires and guides individuals and organizations in their transformations.
  • Focus on LeadershipAs an IT Leader in an organization that wishes to realize the benefits of the DevOps philosophy and approach, you are aware of the role you are expected to play in organizational transformation and scaling. You are accountable for creating a high-performance digital organization consisting of autonomous high-performance teams. Being responsible for leading the DevOps transformation and creating the framework for teams to scale and achieve maximum business value, you should know how to establish transformation teams, management structures, organizational design, and governance models.

    By applying essential leadership practices that eliminate old corporate management philosophies and practices, you can grow the right type of culture to attract and retain the right people and transform their ways of working.