Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning by CCC

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  • Type:               Learner Material
  • Delivery:         Self Paced
  • Level:              Foundation
  • Format:           Digital
  • Language:       English


Course Information

The CCC’s Artificial Intelligence or AI Foundation course provides an overview and insight into the critical emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence to organizations and individuals around the world.

This vendor-neutral, cross-industry foundation course:

  • Builds upon the AI definition, its evolution, concepts, and applications.
  • Provides an introduction to machine learning concepts.
  • Explains the main business drivers and strategies to leverage AI.
  • Introduces the fundamentals of the essential prerequisite skills required for AI, such as databases, statistics, data visualization, the Python programming language, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Delves into the different strategies for the implementation of data structures.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course includes all teams across the Business and IT functions, including:

  • C – Level Executives and Senior Management
  • General Managers including Business Development Managers
  • IT Project, Program, and Planning Managers
  • AI Project Managers
  • Service Architects and Managers
  • Business Strategists and Analysts, Business Change Practitioners and Managers
  • Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists
  • Process Architects and Managers
  • Consultants, Professionals in varied fields

Course Agenda

Module 0: Course Introduction

  • Course Highlights
  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Module Structure
  • Exam Overview

Module 1: AI Definition, Evolution, and Concepts

Module 2: Fundamentals of Databases

Module 3: Fundamentals of Statistics

Module 4: Python Programming Fundamentals

Module 5: Foundation and Implementation of Data Structures and Algorithms


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 0_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 1_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 2_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 3_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 4_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Module 5_English
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Foundation – eLearning Mock exam_English